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[Year of Books] Update for July 16: Stats so far: 56 completed books in 75 days
glomp, hugs

  1. Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon

  2. Kings of the North, by Elizabeth Moon

  3. Echoes of Betrayal, by Elizabeth Moon

  4. Feed, by Mira Grant

  5. Deadline, by Mira Grant

  6. Blackout, by Mira Grant

  7. Strange Brew: Seeing Eye, short story by Patricia Briggs

  8. Forbidden: Short story by Patricia Briggs

  9. Amityville Horror: stort story by Patricia Briggs

  10. SICK, by Tom Leven (teen zombie novel)

  11. Stencyl: game development: A beginner's guide.

  12. Chalice, by Robin Mckinley

  13. Sheepfarmer's Daughter, by Elizabeth Moon

  14. Divided Allegiance, by Elizaabeth Moon

  15. Oath of Gold, by Elizabeth Moon

  16. Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon (rereading to prep for new book out this month)

  17. Kings of the North, by Elizabeth Moon

  18. Echoes of Betrayal, by Elizabeth Moon

  19. Limits of Power, by Elizabeth Moon

  20. Crown of Renewal, by Elizabeth Moon

  21. Fledgling, by Sharon Lee

  22. Saltation, by Sharon Lee

  23. Ghost Ship, by Sharon Lee

  24. Dragon Ship, by Sharon Lee

  25. I Dare, by Sharon Lee

  26. Plan B, by Sharon Lee

  27. Liaden Universe Short Story Omniverse I , by Sharon Lee

  28. Conflict of Honors, by Sharon Lee

  29. Necessity's Child, by Sharon Lee

  30. Agent of Change, by Sharon Lee

  31. Carpe Diem, by Sharon Lee

  32. Local Custom, by Sharon Lee

  33. Mouse and Dragon, by Sharon Lee

  34. Adulting: A Guide. By Kelly Williams Brown

  35. On the Seas of Time, by S. M. Stirling

  36. Oceans of Eternity, by S.M. Stirling,

  37. Otherworld tales- Beginnings, Kelley Armstrong

  38. Otherworld tales -- Ascension, Kelley Armstrong

  39. FrostBitten, Kelley Armstrong

  40. Island on the Sea of Time, by S.M.Stirling

  41. Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling

  42. The Protectors War, by S.M. Stirling

  43. Why Not Live? 15 Reasons for Keeping On, an Autobiography of Ray Robertson

  44. Ouran Host Club *Manga* Collection 1 (followed by watching the first season on Netflix -- love love love this show~!)

  45. SAGA series (counted as one book, b/c I forgot to put it on the list earlier and graphic novels don't have as many words) PS READ THIS <---

  46. Meeting At Corvallis, by S.M. Stirling

  47. The Narcissism Epidemic, by Jean Twenge. (Not recommended... spends the entire book attempting to create <see title> by comparing it consistently with the obesity epidemic (which doesn't exist either!!) One striking insight (Kindness isn't valued over hard work or being happy in a recession), and just a bunch of reworded recommendations to keep  your kid off the Internet, don't tell them they are special, and understand that fame, like always, has been something that some people will strive for over kindness.)

  48. Steadfast, by Mercedes Lackey

  49. Party of One, The Loner's Manifesto, by Rufus Annelli

  50. The Four Personality Types, by <author can't be remembered right now>

  51. Girl Genius, Vol. 1,  by Studio Foglio

  52. Girl Genius, Vol 2, by STudio Foglio

  53. The rest of Girl Genius the comic up until July 15/2014's strip, as I got impatient on waiting for the hard covers from the library.

  54. Reserved for the Cat, by Mercedes Lackey

  55. The Sunrise Lands, by S.M. Stirling

  56. The Scourge of God, by S.M Stirling

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Lemme know what you think of the Moon books. I read and liked them not too long ago but reading as they came out disjointed the story too much first time round. Much nicer now.

The Moon books are interesting in that they focus a lot on the interpersonal and political intrigues, rather than "OMG ITS A DRAGON". I am amused by the prevalent cultural mores against science and for cult based religion, as seen in the treatment of one of the sergeants wounds in book 4. ( and lots of other little phrasings, but that is the most obvious).

I find them a little slow, as even read in sequence, there are a few books in which "nothing much" really happens, as things as lined up for the next book. I also got a little frustrated with the last book of the "series", leaving so many open ended strings that I thought would be tied up.

I'll continue to read them, but they aren't on my BUYFIRSTNOW list, as I can count on being satisfied-but-annoyed in the pacing.

You echo what I and Mary-anne feel here. Especially as to pacing.

I hesitate to recommend Patrick Rothfuss when his book 3 of trilogy isn't out for quite a while but book 1&2 are both brilliant, pacing included.

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