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[Books in a Year] June 19 Update
glomp, hugs
Thought it might be amusing to track the books I read for a year. So, starting May 1, 2014:

  1. Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon

  2. Kings of the North, by Elizabeth Moon

  3. Echoes of Betrayal, by Elizabeth Moon

  4. Feed, by Mira Grant

  5. Deadline, by Mira Grant

  6. Blackout, by Mira Grant

  7. Strange Brew: Seeing Eye, short story by Patricia Briggs

  8. Forbidden: Short story by Patricia Briggs

  9. Amityville Horror: stort story by Patricia Briggs

  10. SICK, by Tom Leven (teen zombie novel)

  11. Stencyl: game development: A beginner's guide.

  12. Chalice, by Robin Mckinley

  13. Sheepfarmer's Daughter, by Elizabeth Moon

  14. Divided Allegiance, by Elizaabeth Moon

  15. Oath of Gold, by Elizabeth Moon

  16. Oath of Fealty, by Elizabeth Moon (rereading to prep for new book out this month)

  17. Kings of the North, by Elizabeth Moon

  18. Echoes of Betrayal, by Elizabeth Moon

  19. Limits of Power, by Elizabeth Moon

  20. Crown of Renewal, by Elizabeth Moon

  21. Fledgling, by Sharon Lee

  22. Saltation, by Sharon Lee

  23. Ghost Ship, by Sharon Lee

  24. Dragon Ship, by Sharon Lee

  25. I Dare, by Sharon Lee

  26. Plan B, by Sharon Lee

  27. Liaden Universe Short Story Omniverse I , by Sharon Lee

  28. Conflict of Honors, by Sharon Lee

  29. Necessity's Child, by Sharon Lee

  30. Agent of Change, by Sharon Lee

  31. Carpe Diem, by Sharon Lee

  32. Local Custom, by Sharon Lee

  33. Mouse and Dragon, by Sharon Lee

  34. Adulting: A Guide. By Kelly Williams Brown


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